Blue Fin Photos

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4 Responses to Blue Fin Photos

  1. Gary Cannell says:

    Hi Dave on a search with your name you came up first thats good . The boat looks great !!!Hope to charter you again for a fantastic day catching fish!!!!

  2. Justin says:

    Nice Website!! You’re a great Capitan!!

  3. fatem says:

    Boat is dry and to get wet you would need to jump in, its the closet you would get to freedom on the water !! funny captain and story’s to be told .so sit back and enjoy the view ..

  4. Dale says:

    What a great time we had out on the Blue Fin, hoping we will get down this Spring and will definitly look you up. Will never forget the dolfins swimming next to your boat as we were cruising the waters. Captain is the best!!!! Great time was had by all, my family is still talking about it. It’s an awesome boat, AND the pictures of the boat are really what you get when you charter the Blue Fin. Thanks David for a great memory. Hope to see you soon

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